In 2011, Kim underwent open heart surgery to replace her aortic

valve. Complications severely damaged her heart, and she was

recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy (stage-3 heart failure).

Doctors say a heart transplant is critical to her survival, and she

was added to the transplant waiting list in April.

Before her surgery, Kim was actively involved in her community

for 18 years through her work with Habitat for Humanity of

Brevard County, Inc. She was also very involved in her church,

as well as her daughters’ cheerleading and dance activities. She now struggles with the simplest daily tasks and relies on family and friends for so much. During this challenging time, Kim is extremely grateful for her wonderful support system of loved ones, including her husband, Scott, and her three daughters Ashley, Tara and Gina.

Kim sees her transplant journey as a difficult hurdle, but one that she is determined to overcome because of the miracles she will experience along the way. She’s hopeful for the opportunities that lie ahead, and she looks forward to being a lifelong advocate for transplantation. But right now, she needs your help.